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Abakada Studios | Abakada Studios Taking Philippines' EduTech By Storm
Abakada Studios: Taking Philippines’ EduTech By Storm

Founded in 2020 by Lei Bautista, as an entrepreneur and advocate of the latest technology, she has a clear vision of her business. Abakada Studios is a technology company to help organizations both in the corporate setting and in the academe, to successfully transition from traditional methodologies to modern, technology-enabled learning.

The thing that sets Abakada Studios apart from thousands of similar Software as a Service (SAAS) providers on the internet is being the top-of-mind innovator by infusing innovative gamification into all their client engagements. They make their clients’ industry leaders and positively impact people’s lives by contributing to nation-building through transformational technology.

Connect with people who you can learn from, explore places, and try different things at least once. Experiment and learn skills that you have always wanted to learn. It does not have to be something grand, but it is everything that lets you gain new knowledge.
– Lei Bautista

Whereas Abakada Studios is continuously developing SAAS to support various business needs such as Learning Management System and other modules for Enrollment and Admissions, Finance and Accounting, and Human Resources to complete Abakada Studios’ Full Suite.

Starting your own business is like participating in a triathlon for the first time. To achieve your goal, you have to keep practicing, learn the basics right, and you’ve got to know where you are headed. On business matters, it will all boil down to your focus, systems, and processes.


Published Date: August 23, 2021

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