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PCCR is Breaking New Ground in Advancing Education and Technology

From its humble beginnings as Plaridel Educational Institution in 1954, and through the years, The Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) has built a reputation of being a pioneer in Criminal Justice Education in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in Law Enforcement knows PCCR is the top choice. This is because of the creative approach to educational programs by its founder, former Supreme Court Justice Felix Angelo Bautista. Currently led by fourth generation president and lead singer of OPM rock band Prettier Than Pink, Ma. Angelica Lei Bautista, PCCR has had an exciting year of making significant advancements in both education and technology.

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PCCR blazes across the academic horizon with  Abakada LMS.

Philippine College of Criminology is a pioneer institution in Southeast Asia dedicated to Criminal Justice Science. They had been using a traditional, paper-based system that was outdated, and they wanted to take advantage of the latest trends in technology  to ensure that their students stays engaged and motivated throughout their school year.

Now, they’re pioneering once more in a new and exciting way! PCCR is now ready to take on all challenges that remote learning brings. They are once again breaking new ground with Abakada Studios’ powerful edtech platforms. From enrollment to graduation, the online campus is fully equipped, making PCCR’s education system future-proof. We are honored and excited to be part of the new chapter and milestone PCCR has  achieved last year!

PCCR is once again  a leader in innovative programs and a center of excellence, instilling in students a love for the country and a desire to serve. 

At Abakada Studios, we strive to make PCCR a globally recognized institution through growth, productivity, student experience, and employee experience. Our focus is on the success of their students, so we have spearheaded an upgrade in PCCR’s academics for the 2021–2022 school year, which includes the introduction of a new learning management system, as well as animations and gamified activities for online classes.

Transforming the Lives of Students and Educators with Modern Technology

PCCR Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based learning management system that helps educators manage their courses, students’ records and progress, and professional development. It also provides a complete suite of tools to help them provide their students with the best learning experience possible. It offers students the opportunity to demonstrate their level of competency for each course, acquire knowledge that will be immediately useful in real-life situations, and gain the skills required for further education that will give them the foundation for a rewarding  career.

PCCR LMS makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected. Students can access their materials from any device, while teachers can assign and grade assignments remotely. It also helps teachers track student progress, identify areas for improvement, and give feedback on their work. PCCR-LMS helps students manage their own projects by giving them a place to store files and find them later when they need them again. 

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There are many challenges with the traditional education  system such as difficulty for instructors to keep track of what their students are doing in classes. Our team began monitoring the implementation of   PCCR-LMS, as well as  gathered survey responses from its current users. From this research, we’ve identified three major points:

1. Users have access to the content they need on their devices at all times, which makes it easy for them to complete their assignments on time.

2. Users have access to training materials or other resources related to their courses, which makes it convenient for them to learn and absorb lessons.

3. The system is not too complicated. The users don’t have trouble understanding how everything worked together with the help from an instructor or administrator who could walk them through each step along the way (or provide some guidance when things got confusing).

Our goal was to create a learning management system for PCCR that would help them provide a better learning experience for students. We love seeing our clients happily overcome obstacles using our learning platform. Their experience with PCCR LMS has been nothing but positive. 

What it takes to create an effective teaching and learning environment.

The Abakada team helped PCCR to understand the requirements and processes of implementing and running an LMS. We knew what tools were available and how to use them. PCCR faculty and staff come from different backgrounds, so it was important for us to have someone who could explain what was being done and why. The LMS was designed with usability and flexibility as top priorities. It offers a user-friendly interface that lets educators focus more on teaching than on creating content. 

Our implementation process started by talking to our clients about what they wanted from their LMS,the answer to  which was to have an  intuitive user experience that was easy for non-technical users to navigate and use. They also wanted it to be mobile-friendly so that students could access it anywhere, anytime.  

After collecting data from our client’s needs and goals, we began developing a prototype of what the final product would look like. This also helped us understand what features worked well and which ones didn’t. Once we had our wireframe, we created mockups of each page. We then sent these mockups back to PCCR so they could check them out before moving onto the next step. User testing is an important part of any design process because it allows us to see how users react to our designs. It also helps us identify any problems with our designs, which will help us make sure they’re appropriate for our users before moving forward into production.

Delivering amazing learning experiences is our top priority.

We transform the lives of students and educators through amazing learning experiences that foster their creativity and innovative thinking. Learning is a personal experience, and here at Abakada Studios, we know that each learner has specific needs, so we’ve developed a platform that enables students to learn in their own way and at their own pace. 

As we strive to build a better and brighter future, we want to extend our gratitude to PCCR for putting their trust in us. Your support means the world to us! We’ll continue to provide high-quality end-to-end learning experiences for our teachers and students! Together with the Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR), let’s stay at the top and continue pioneering in the education sector for years to come.

Take the next step, and get real value and results with an effective learning management system (LMS). Abakada LMS is easy-to-use, future-proof, affordable, and offers a unique learning experience compared to any other LMS out there. Book a demo for free with one of our industry experts, and find out why our clients give us good reviews!

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Published Date: September 29, 2022

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