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Why Siargao Island is the Perfect Destination for Digital Nomads

Dubbed as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” this teardrop-shaped island won the hearts of both domestic and foreign tourists with its world-class surfing locations and idyllic tropical setting. It’s a popular tourist destination in Surigao del Norte province, with world-class surfing spots and beautiful tropical scenery. You can also enjoy other activities like canyoneering and beach hopping.

Even after being named the best island in the world in 2019 by Conde Nast Traveler readers, Siargao remains peaceful and serene, especially during the pandemic. It’s perfect for remote workers looking for a work-from-home setup in paradise. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves and a sunrise every morning. No wonder people are flocking to Siargao for short or long-term stays, and some even choose to leave city life behind to relocate here.

Want to know more why you should choose Siargao? Read on ahead to motivate you further on why this island is the best place for digital nomads!

What Makes Siargao Island a Must-Visit Destination for Surfers and Nomads?

The Philippines’ Siargao Island is one of Asia’s top surfing destinations and the country’s surf capital. The majority of resorts are situated close to its famous break, known as Cloud9. There are surfing tournaments twice a year. There’s a three-level viewing deck for surfers to catch the action up close. Other great surf spots on the island include Guyam Island, Jacking Horse, and Tuesday Island, which locals can guide you to depending on the weather.

Amazing, remote beaches may be found on Siargao Island. The Philippines is known for its beaches, and Siargao Island is no exception. There are several kilometers of white sand between Cloud9 and the community of General Luna. You can enjoy the beach with only a few locals as it’s not yet crowded. Plus, you can visit nearby islands such as Daku Island, Guyam Island, and Naked Island for more pristine beaches – perfect for beach lovers!

Siargao is the perfect destination for remote workers. It’s also becoming the go-to destination for digital nomads seeking a balance of work and play. With a reliable internet connection and plenty of co-working spaces, you can work from your laptop with the stunning backdrop of palm trees and crystal-clear waters. And when you’re off the clock, you can take a break and hit the waves or explore the island’s natural wonders. No wonder why there is a growing number of digital nomads who have chosen Siargao as their new home or temporary office.

What can Tourists and Digital Nomads Expect from Siargao’s Cuisine and Friendly Locals?

Siargao has a never-ending variety of dining establishments. It’s perfectly reasonable if you’re stuck for options when it comes to where or what to eat because the island is only beginning to garner its well-deserved buzz. Little did you know that there are delectable selections from all around the world on the island! If you’re in the mood for Filipino on a Monday, Indonesian on a Tuesday, Italian on a Wednesday, or any other cuisine for that matter, the island undoubtedly has a mouthwatering selection to choose from.

The locals’ are very friendly and hospitable. They go the extra mile to ensure that visitors have a wonderful time on the island, and are always ready to lend a hand with transportation and finding affordable activities. Plus, the island’s lively nightlife scene provides the perfect opportunity for locals and tourists to mingle and  enjoy the company of one another, adding to the island’s charm and creating an experience that is truly memorable.

What are Some Advantages that Digital Nomads Can Enjoy in Siargao?

Low Cost of Living and Great Lifestyle Opportunities

Your preferences and needs will determine the cost of living. It’s good news that living in this neighborhood is affordable. You can find places to stay starting at 4,000 to 6,000 pesos per month, which includes utilities. Eating out can cost you 200 to 600 pesos per day, renting a motorbike is around 1,500 pesos per month, and other expenses like outings and phone data can add up to 7,000 to 10,000 pesos per month. If you stick to this budget, you can live comfortably in Siargao.

Productive Work-Life Balance 

Siargao is also an excellent destination for digital nomads seeking a productive work-life balance. Many co-working spaces have popped up around the island, offering comfortable and well-equipped workspaces for remote workers. These spaces provide reliable internet connectivity, which is crucial for digital nomads to stay connected with their clients and teams. Moreover, Siargao’s laid-back lifestyle and welcoming community provide a relaxing and stress-free environment, perfect for remote workers to recharge and stay focused. Taking breaks to explore the island or engage in outdoor activities can help digital nomads alleviate stress and boost creativity, which can ultimately lead to increased productivity.

Co-Working Spaces Near the Beach and Nature

Working remotely is not always easy, but the benefits outweigh the challenges. While it can be tempting to stay in a comfortable home office, the opportunity to explore new places and cultures is one of the biggest draws of remote work. Siargao, with its stunning natural beauty and rich history, is the perfect example of a place that offers a unique and rewarding experience for remote workers. Of course, working remotely also comes with its fair share of struggles – unstable internet connection, distractions, and the need to maintain a healthy work-life balance, just to name a few. However, with the right mindset and support system, these challenges can be overcome. With co-working spaces located close to the beaches and verdant landscapes, you can easily switch from work mode to chill mode and back again. In order to maintain inspiration and motivation while working, you must be sure the space you select will do so. There is nothing that stimulates the brain more than a natural, bright atmosphere. Working remotely in Siargao will not only inspire creativity and productivity, but also allow you to enjoy and live in the moment. 

Unique Culture and Rich History

One leisure activity that digital nomads are currently taking advantage of in Siargao is exploring the island. Aside from its beautiful rock pools and water activities, Siargao also has a unique culture and history. The island is home to various indigenous groups, such as the Mamanwa and the Surigaonon, who have been living in the area for centuries. Siargao also has a rich history of Spanish colonization and Japanese occupation during World War II, which has left its mark on the island’s culture and architecture.

 Internet Development in Siargao for Digital Nomads

Siargao’s internet connection is set to improve significantly with the launch of Starlink, which is expected to provide speeds of up to 200 Mbps. This development will open up new opportunities for co-working spaces and cafes with reliable internet connections, attracting more international digital nomads. Additionally, the Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network (PDSCN) connects Siargao to a fiber internet link, promising better access for locals, visitors, and companies. With the scheduled launch of the fiber internet link in April 2023, Siargao is about to become a digital nomad’s paradise with fast and reliable internet connection.

Extra Amenities at Co-Living Spaces

While some co-living and co-working spaces just provide the bare minimum, some places offer more than just a bed and a desk. Co-living facilities provide amenities including co-working areas, a pool, community activities, and their own café where guests can get food. The same is true for co-working spaces, which could also offer meeting spaces, nap rooms, beach access, and even unlimited free drinks!

These extra amenities are just some of the many reasons why Siargao is becoming a top destination for remote workers and digital nomads.

Spiritual Sessions and Yoga Retreats

Siargao Island is not only known for healthy living, sustainability, and art but also for spiritual sessions and yoga retreats. One of the benefits of Siargao Island for digital nomads is the variety of exciting activities available. You can enjoy surfing, island hopping, and diving during your leisure time. Many resorts offer guests yoga classes and spiritual retreats, and some tourists even stay for a month or two.

Sunset Sessions and Happy hours 

The fact that Siargao has one of the most popular nightlife scenes in the Philippines is not surprising because it is an island that never sleeps. There are a ton of places where you can relax and have a drink, whether it’s a bar or a pub, to make your evening special. 

If you’re heading out for a fun night in Siargao, make sure you fuel up with some delicious food first! There are plenty of options for all tastes, from classic Filipino dishes like sisig and adobo to international favorites like pizza and burgers. Kermit Siargao is a popular restaurant on the island known for its brick-oven pizza and homemade pasta, as well as their Happy Hour deals. For some tasty Pinoy-style barbecue, head to Mama’s Grill, a favorite among both locals and tourists. If you need an energy boost during your night out, Buonana serves vegan desserts called “nice ice cream” that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Try one of their refreshing ice cream bowls and customize it with your favorite toppings and cream.

Other Activities to Try

Party the Night Away

Siargao’s nightlife offers more than just dining, drinking, and dancing. You can also enjoy thrilling activities like fire-dancing shows, bonfires, sky lanterns, and beach hangouts with friends. 

For those looking for trivia nights or sports and racing watch parties, check out the Barrel Sports Bar and Beachfront Lounge. For a more relaxed and refined experience, head to Siargao Yacht and Foiling Club near Cloud 9. Here, you can watch a beautiful sunset while sipping on local beers, cocktails, and appetizers, accompanied by contemporary music. The club even hosts pop-up restaurants and private cocktails and dinner parties. So, whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Siargao’s nightlife has something for everyone.

Hiking and Camping Tours 

Have you ever wanted to spend the night camped out in the forest under the stars? You’re in luck since Soultribe Beach Retreat has given the term “glamping” a completely new meaning. Just 10 minutes away from General Luna, this green paradise offers unmatched privacy and leisure. Choose from five traditional nippa canopy tents, each equipped with a hardwood deck and private den with tent “doors”. Or, opt for one of five beachside cabanas with a super king-sized bed, private rain shower and bathroom, and a private wooden porch with a hammock and views of the shoreline. Wake up to the sound of waves and nature.

Why is Siargao Ideal for Digital Nomads?

Siargao Island offers a perfect blend of work and play for digital nomads. It’s easy to enjoy yourself while still being able to work hard and finish your tasks. The island also provides several exciting activities that you can enjoy and find relaxing. If you’re thinking about making Siargao your next remote work destination, the factors mentioned above make it an ideal spot for digital nomads. As the saying goes, “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” The benefits of working remotely while exploring new cultures and environments are priceless, and the memories and experiences gained from such journeys are truly worth the investment.

Moreover, Siargao Island offers a chance to get up close with nature, as it is surrounded by breathtaking natural wonders such as the Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko Tidal Pools. You can explore the lush mangroves and spot exotic birds and marine life while kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. Also, the island promotes sustainable living and has various eco-friendly initiatives to preserve its natural beauty.

Published Date: April 3, 2023

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