Uplifting Educational Technology in the Country

Published Date: July 28, 2021

Some organizations provide free webinars for educators across the world. It is truly inspiring to see those who make efforts to prepare and collaborate in helping teachers to be equipped and upskilled with the integration of educational technology. And it is also motivating to encourage educators to work towards the common good.

Recently, the Department of Education (DepEd) and Global Networks Association of Teachers as a Foreign Language (GENTEFL) of Thailand have conducted a three-day series of webinars for teachers. Through this kind of online program, the participants can gain valuable insights and advice from technology experts and specialists.

“In the Philippines, we have been innovating and implementing programs such as the use of TV, Radio, the use of different authoring tools for the development of Open Educational Resources (OER), and the use of different Learning Management Systems (LMS). All of these education technology tools are being scaled up at a rate that has never been seen in our country

and around the world,” Usec. Pascua said

It was a big challenge for educators to shift from a traditional classroom setup to distance learning. And as a new school year approaches and the global crisis remains, educators are bracing for these sudden changes to take root.




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